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"This is my last annual  report to the Scottish Parliament before I demit office." Kevin Dunion, Scottish Information Commissioner

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The facts at your fingertips

Freedom of Information Annual Report 2010/11

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Annual Report 2010/11 (PDF - 1.71MB)


Photograph of Kevin Dunion"This is my last annual report to the Scottish Parliament before I demit office after nine years as Scottish Information Commissioner.  In that time, the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 have become firmly embedded in the practice and culture of Scottish public authorities.  Read my full commentary here."

Key Statistics and facts

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Have the facts at your fingertips.  Find out, for example: who makes enquiries about FOI; what happens to applications; how long it takes to investigate cases; and how many information requests the Commissioner himself has received.  These any many other statistics are available to view and download. 

Reporting on our activity

The Commissioner's Strategic Plan 2008-2012 sets out how he intends to deliver his functions as set out in FOISA, while running his office efficiently and effectively.  Read his report on operational performance in 2010/11, and his plan of activities for 2011/12.

View Annual Report 2010/11 news releases:

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