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Information about yourself or other people.

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All Scottish public authorities should produce a "publication scheme".  This is a document that shows:


  • the information the authority already publishes, or intends to publish
  • where you can find that information, and 
  • whether it is available free of charge or for a fee.

The authority should also have a Guide to Information, which is an index to the information contained in the publication scheme.  The Guide to Information will contain contact details of the staff, and details of charges that may apply.  If you are not sure if the information you want is included in the publication scheme, you can ask for help.


If information is in the publication scheme, you don't have to make a special request for it under FOI laws.  Usually the publication scheme will contain information such as:

  • the authority's annual budget
  • minutes of management or board meetings showing the decisions it has taken
  • details of the services it provides, and 
  • information about how the authority is performing.

The publication scheme should be available on the authority's website, or on request from it.  If the publication scheme is on the authority's website, you may find that the site provides links to copies of the documents that you can download or read online.  You can search for a Scottish public authority, and its contact details and web address, in our database.


If you do not have access to the internet, or prefer to receive printed copies of information from a publication scheme, the authority must provide it to you on request.


 If the information you're looking for isn't in the publication scheme, you can still ask for it to be provided.  See the section "How do I ask?"


The Scottish Information Commissioner is a Scottish public authority with its own publication scheme.  You can view a guide to information contained in the Commissioner's scheme.  Alternatively you can call us on 01334 464610 or email, and we will send you a printed copy.


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