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Video library

News IconThis page contains  video content that has been produced by the Scottish Information Commissioner.  Our videos require Adobe Flash Player - download here:



You can also download and share our videos from our hosting sites, which are listed underneath each video below.
A text only version of the audio from each video is also provided.

Click below to view each video: 

About FOI Text alternatives 

FOI: Your Right to Know on Biteable 
(1mins 53secs)

Short animated introduction to your FOI rights (2018) Text alternative to FOI Your Right to Know

12 Tips for Better FOI on Biteable 
(4mins 59secs)

Animation with helpful tips on improving FOI performance for public authority staff (2017) Text alternative to 12 Tips for Better FOI

Freedom of Information in Scotland - an introduction from SIC on Vimeo
(2mins 55secs)

Short animated guide to using freedom of information rights (2010) Text alternative to animated guide to FOI

Scottish Freedom of Information Act - 2004 Launch Promotional Video from SIC on Vimeo (59secs)

A television advertisement screened in 2004 when the Act came into force Text alternative to TV advert promoting FOI (shown in 2004)


User case studies Text alternatives

The C Diff Justice Group and Freedom of Information from SIC on Vimeo
(4mins 22secs)

Michelle Stewart of the C Diff Justice Group describes how freedom of information helped the group in its campaign for a public inquiry into the 18 deaths from clostridium difficile at the Vale of Leven hospital in 2008. Text alternative to video case study - C Diff Justice Group

The Scottish Rural Schools Network and FOI from SIC on Vimeo
(2mins 37secs)

The Scottish Rural Schools Network discuss how the FOI right has helped them in their campaign activity. Text alternative to video case study - Scottish Rural Schools Network

Freedom of Information & the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland from SIC on Vimeo
(4mins 48secs)

The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland talk about using FOI to highlight the concerns of some of Scotland's most vulnerable people. Text alternative to video case study - Learning Disability Alliance Scotland

Freedom of Information and the A82 Partnership from SIC on Vimeo 
(3mins 58secs)

The A82 Partnership explain how FOI has helped their campaign to upgrade the road connecting the West Highlands to the central belt. Text alternative to video case study - A82 Partnership


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