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The Commissioner's presentations

Promoting good FOI practice and raising awareness of the public's right to information often involves getting out of the office and talking to people.  

The Commissioner and staff speak to many different audiences about FOI, and you can see for yourself what we are saying by downloading presentations from this page. 

If you are interested in asking the Commissioner to speak at an event, we recommend you check out The Scottish Information Commissioner's policy on accepting speaking engagements first.  If you want to interview the Commissioner for the press, request a comment, or ask us to write an article , contact us on 01334 464610 or email enquiries@


 Date  Event and organiser Download presentation here 

11 December 2014

12th Annual Holyrood Conference

Holyrood Communications

Holyrood: 10 Years of FOI (PDF - 1.2 MB)

29 October 2014

Presentation to delegation from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China

Rights to Information (PDF - 782 kB)

26 September 2014

Guest lecture for journalism department at Stirling University

Open Scotland? (PDF - 1.8 MB)

4 June 2014

Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Records Management Professional Development Event

Association of Chief Police Officers

Current Developments in FOI in Scotland (PDF - 1.77 MB)

24 April 2014

The media, openess and democracy in Scotland Conference

Scottish Newspaper Society Conference

Is Scotland a truly open society? (PDF - 32 kB)

3 April 2014

Presentation to the Scottish Assessors Association

Environmental Information Requests - what's the difference (PDF - 842 kB)

27 March 2014

Using FOI effectively

Presentation to media organisations in Ayrshire

 Using FOI Effectively (PDF - 1.6 MB)

26 March 2014

Making FOI Work for You

Presentation to voluntary organisations in Ayrshire

 Making FOI work for You (PDF - 4 MB)

18 March 2014

Presentation to students studying an MSc in Information Management & Preservation 

University of  Glasgow

FOI & the Scottish Information Commissioner (PDF - 1.57 MB)

29 January 2014

The Digital Fabric of Scotland - The challenge of stitching it together

The Scotsman Conferences

Is FOI Enough? (PowerPoint - 3.80 MB)

5 December 2013 

11th Annual Holyrood Conference 

Holyrood Communications 

Holyrood Conference 2013 Presentation

3 December 2013

Getting it Right: Implementing the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2013

Scottish Council on Archives 

Getting Our Act Together (PowerPoint - 1.6 MB)

16 May 2013

Ombudsman Association 2013 Biennial Conference

Information compliance in complaint handling (PowerPoint - 881 kB)

24 April 2013

Implementing the Public Records Scotland Act


FOI and Records Management (PowerPoint 1.28 MB)

27 March 2013

Scottish Borders Council seminar 

 The Right to Know (PowerPoint - 3.08 MB)

15 March 2013

 SOLAR Conference and AGM

Presentation to SOLAR (PowerPoint - 565 kB)

7 March 2013 

In-house Lawyers Group

Law Society of Scotland

Presentation to the In-house Lawyers' Group (PowerPoint - 654 kB)

31 January 2013

10th Annual Holyrood FOI Conference

Holyrood Communications

Commissioner's presentation - notes only (Word - 36 kB)

21 September 2012

International Conference on the Right to Access Information

The National Human Rights Conference of Morocco 

Overview of access to information in Scotland (Word - 141 kB)

12 September 2012

Implementing the Public Records (Scotland) Act


Legislation as a driver to continuous improvement in practice (PowerPoint - 1.56 MB)

 28 June 2012

Complaint Handling

White Paper Conference

Complaints through social media (PowerPoint - 1.43 MB)


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