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Front cover of Annual Report 2011/12The 2011/12 Annual Report of the Scottish Information Commissioner

Upholding the right to know in Scotland




PDF iconAnnual Report 2011/12 (PDF - 3.74 MB)

PDF iconAnnual Accounts 2011-12 (PDF - 1.94MB)

Key highlights of the report:

  • The Commissioner's office received 524 appeals in 2011/12, compared with 424 the previous year (a 23% increase).
  • The majority (77%) of appeals came from ordinary members of the public, 12% from media and 6% from commercial or private organisations.
  • The share of appeals relating to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament increased to 28%, compared to 15% the previous year. The share of appeals relating to local government remained steady at 45% of the total caseload.
  • The caseload age profile improved dramatically in 2011/12:
    • 72% of all appeals were closed within four months (compared to 48% the previous year).
    • 63% of appeals closed with decision were closed within four months (compared to 33% the previous year).
  • There was a small increase in the volume of enquiries to the office to 1,678 (against 1,634 in the previous year).
  • At the same time, the Commissioner's office is on course to achieve 15% savings over three years (to March 2014).

 Application Statistics - by Region and Sector
The 2011/12 Annual Report (above) contains details of the applications received by the Commissioner during the course of the year.  More detailed information on the applications received, broken down by public authority, region and sector, are available in the following spreadsheets.  These also contain comparative data for each year since FOI came into force in 2005.

Excel File

2011/12 Application Statistics - by Sector (777kB)

Excel File

2011/12 Application Statistics - By Region (617kB)


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