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Welcome to the Scottish Information Commissioner's website.  We are committed to making our online services accessible to everyone, including people with additional support needs. 

We commissioned an independent audit of the website's accessibility in March 2011, following which we implemented a series of changes to the site to bring it up to Level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  Much of the site also conforms to level AA of these Guidelines, but we continue to strive to improve accessibility further.

If you use a screen reader, or some other device to help you view the internet, this site should be accessible to you.  Non- text elements have tags with text descriptions and there are text alternatives to our video and audio content.  If you find any we have missed - please let us know so we can take steps to fix that. 

Changing text size

Throughout the website the text can be made larger by using the text size function at the top of each page.

Our text size option uses JavaScript to function correctly, so if you have JavaScript disabled on your computer this feature will not work.  You can either turn JavaScript on or you can use your browser's standard text size feature to make the text larger. (For instance, if you are using Internet Explorer, go to View on the top menu, then choose the Text Size option.)

You can also change the size of all page features by using your browser's zoom feature.  (For instance, if you are using Internet Explorer, got to View then choose the Zoom option.)


Changing page appearance

You can change the colours and fonts on the Commissioners' website through your browser settings.  For example, in Internet Explorer, select Tools from the top menu and then Internet Options.  At the bottom of the General tab, there are options under Appearance to change colours and fonts.


Using the search facilities on the website

There are several different search facilities on the website. Some searches are designed to help you locate specific types of information such as the Commissioner's Decisions or contact details for Scottish public authorities. These specialised search facilities require JavaScript to be enabled on your computer, but if this is not possible you can use the general search facility for the website instead.  The Categories option on the general search facility allows you to limit your search to particular areas of the website, such as the Commissioner's Decisions.  This search facility does not require JavaScript.

We have also provided alternative routes for searching the Decisions database - there is a downloadable list of all the Commissioner's decisions in CSV and Excel format, which can be sorted and searched within those applications.  We also provide a search service for anyone who is having difficulty locating the decisions they are interested in.  


Access keys

Some web browsers offer an alternative way to the mouse in following navigation links by using keyboard access keys. To use an access key hold down the Alt key and press the appropriate character as detailed below. Then press Return to go to the desired page.

Our site uses the following access keys:

S - Skip navigation links and go straight to main content 
0 - Access key details
1 - Home
3 - Site Map
4 - Search
5 - FAQ
8 - Terms & Conditions
9 - Contact Us


Telephone IconContact us if you are having any problems 

Although we try hard to make this website as easy to use as possible, you may still have problems.  If you have difficulty accessing anything on our website, please contact us and we will help you.  Our telephone number is 01334 464610, or you can email us on


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