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Dec. NoApplicantPublic AuthorityDescriptionOutcomeIssuedPDFFOISA Exemptions / SectionsEIR Exceptions / RegulationsText
036/2020The Applicant The Scottish Ministers Businesses in Scotland 2018: publicly owned companies For authority20 Feb 2020 pdf icon 15, 26(a) n/a
035/2020The Applicant Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Firefighter recruitment Partially upheld19 Feb 2020 pdf icon 38(1)(b) n/a
034/2020The Applicant Scottish Ministers Legal Advice: Acoustic Deterrent Devices For authority19 Feb 2020 pdf icon n/a 10(4)(e)
033/2020The Applicant Scottish Ministers Director-General for Economy’s travel between Edinburgh and London For authority12 Feb 2020 pdf icon 17 n/a
032/2020The Applicant University of the Highlands and Islands Whether a request was vexatious For applicant07 Feb 2020 pdf icon 14(1) n/a
031/2020The Applicant Fife Council Draft Lease between Trustees of Crossgates Village Group and Fife Council For applicant07 Feb 2020 pdf icon n/a 2(1)Env, 5(1), 10(5)(e)
030/2020The Applicant Transport Scotland New Ferry Terminal and Pier at Ardrossan Harbour For applicant06 Feb 2020 pdf icon n/a 5(1), 16
029/2020The Applicant West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership Board Information relating to a former medical practice Partially upheld11 Feb 2020 pdf icon 1(4), 17 n/a
028/2020The Applicant Scottish Environment Protection Agency Correspondence between SEPA and a third party For authority04 Feb 2020 pdf icon n/a 11(2)
027/2020The Applicant Scottish Ministers Analysis into Scotland’s eligibility for EU membership For applicant05 Feb 2020 pdf icon 29(1)(a) n/a
026/2020The Applicant South Ayrshire Council 3G sports pitch revenue: failure to respond For applicant04 Feb 2020 pdf icon 10, 21 n/a
025/2020The Applicant Highland Council Gaelic Medium education funding: failure to respond For applicant04 Feb 2020 pdf icon 10, 21 n/a
024/2020The Applicant Public authority: Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Health and Safety Policy for Lone Working Partially upheld04 Feb 2020 pdf icon 39(1) n/a
023/2020The Applicant Scottish Ministers Peter Murrell’s use of Scottish Government transport For authority04 Feb 2020 pdf icon 17 n/a
022/2020The Applicant Scottish Water Water connections Partially upheld04 Feb 2020 pdf icon 39(2) 10(4)(a)
021/2020The Applicant Transport Scotland Remedial notices Partially upheld04 Feb 2020 pdf icon 1(1) n/a
020/2020The Applicant Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board Former GP Partnership: failure to respond For applicant29 Jan 2020 pdf icon 21 n/a
019/2020The Applicant Registrar of Independent Schools in Scotland Correspondence relating to the New School Butterstone For authority29 Jan 2020 pdf icon 30(c) n/a
018/2020The Applicant The Scottish Qualifications Authority International trips undertaken by staff For applicant28 Jan 2020 pdf icon 39(1) n/a
017/2020The Applicant Culture and Sport Glasgow Transport Assessment For authority28 Jan 2020 pdf icon n/a 5(1)