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Dec. NoApplicantPublic AuthorityDescriptionOutcomeIssuedPDFFOISA Exemptions / SectionsEIR Exceptions / RegulationsText
001/2020The Applicant Falkirk Council Youth Engagement Review: failure to respond For applicant08 Jan 2020 pdf icon 10, 21 n/a
182/2019The Applicant University of Stirling London Academy of Diplomacy and academic Professor Joseph Mifsud Partially upheld20 Dec 2019 pdf icon 1(6), 1(1), 1(4), 2(1)(b), 2(2)(e)(ii), 17, 30(b)(ii), 33(1)(b), 38(1)(b) n/a
181/2019The Applicant North Ayrshire Council Community benefit funds For authority17 Dec 2019 pdf icon n/a 10(4)(a)
180/2019The Applicant Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service Remuneration and expenses of Justices of the Peace For authority17 Dec 2019 pdf icon 38(1)(b) n/a
179/2019The Applicant Dumfries and Galloway Health Board Unsocial/Night hours’ payments For authority10 Dec 2020 pdf icon 17 n/a
178/2019The Applicant The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Scotland Communications re NHS Ayrshire and Arran For authority10 Dec 2019 pdf icon 17 n/a
177/2019The Applicant NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde CSO funding for NRS Generic Support: advice and assistance For authority10 Dec 2019 pdf icon 15 n/a
176/2019The Applicant City of Edinburgh Council Payments to Health and Social Care Suppliers 1 April 2017- 31 December 2018 Partially upheld11 Dec 2019 pdf icon 1(1), 10, 12, 15, 21 n/a
175/2019The Applicant The Scottish Ministers Social Security Directorate People Survey 2018 For applicant29 Nov 2019 pdf icon 1(6), 1(1), 30(c) n/a
174/2019The Applicant Scottish Enterprise Account management plans: Raytheon Systems Ltd and Chemring Energetics Partially upheld29 Nov 2019 pdf icon 33(1)(b) n/a
173/2019The Applicant General Teaching Council for Scotland SQA Procedures Partially upheld29 Nov 2019 pdf icon 1(1), 1(4), 16, 19, 21 n/a
172/2019The Applicant Aberdeenshire Council Contractual changes under Worksmart Policy For authority29 Nov 2019 pdf icon 1(1) n/a
171/2019The Applicant Glasgow City Council Records relating to a café For authority28 Nov 2019 pdf icon 1(1), 1(4) n/a
170/2019The Applicant Transport Scotland Compensation or damages claims – Queensferry Crossing Partially upheld28 Nov 2019 pdf icon 1(1), 33(1)(b) n/a
169/2019The Applicant Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland Witness statements For authority19 Nov 2019 pdf icon 17 n/a
168/2019The Applicant Dumfries and Galloway Council Road measurements Partially upheld19 Nov 2019 pdf icon 39(2) 5(1), 10(4)(a)
167/2019The Applicant Scottish Borders Council Building warrant information Partially upheld14 Nov 2019 pdf icon n/a 5(1), 13, 16
166/2019The Applicant City of Edinburgh Council Job evaluation scores For authority14 Nov 2019 pdf icon 25 n/a
165/2019The Applicant Fife Health Board Names of recruitment panellists For authority06 Nov 2019 pdf icon 38(1)(b) n/a
164/2019The Applicant West Lothian Council Social work policies Partially upheld06 Nov 2019 pdf icon 1(1), 8, 15, 17 n/a